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How to Choose A Domain Name


What's the relationship between a domain name and SEO?

There are a few important ways that your domain name can impact SEO:

- Keywords - Domain names that contain relevant keywords related to your business or content can help with search rankings. However, keyword stuffing is not recommended.

- Branding - A domain that matches your company name or product can help build brand recognition and authority. 

- Extensions - Certain extensions like .com and .org are treated as more authoritative by search engines.

- Length - Shorter, succinct domain names tend to rank better than long, convoluted ones.

- Trust - Domains that have been registered for longer, have an active website, and link building efforts are seen as more trustworthy.

-Hyphens - Domains with hyphens may suffer a slight ranking disadvantage compared to clean domains.

- Subdomains - Rankings for pages on subdomains (e.g. are treated separately from the main domain.

Overall, your domain name itself is just one small ranking factor for SEO. Much more important is the content, backlinks, technical optimizations, and user engagement you have. But choosing a clean, brand-matching domain can contribute positively to your SEO efforts.

Difficulties for choosing a domain name

Choosing a good domain name can be tricky for a few reasons:

- Availability - Many of the short, catchy domains are already taken. Finding one that is still available and hasn't been scooped up by domain squatters can be a challenge.

- Distinctiveness - You want a name that stands out and is unique enough to represent your brand. Generic names are easier to get, but not as distinctive.

- Memorability - It needs to be easy to remember and spell so customers can find your site. Short, simple names are ideal.

- Flexibility - Pick something broad enough to have room to grow and pivot your business if needed. Very niche names can limit you. 

- Trademarks - You'll want to ensure the name doesn't infringe on any existing trademarks or brands. Doing a thorough search is important.

- Multiple extensions - Securing the .com and other common extensions like .net and .org can get expensive to fully cover a name.

- Regional variations - If operating globally, you may need country-specific domain extensions or variations in spelling.

- Future-proofing - Try to pick something evergreen that will still make sense years down the road even as trends change.

With creativity and research, you can find a domain name that checks all the boxes. But it often takes some persistence to find "the one" that is just right for your business and available to register. Having backup options is wise during the brainstorming process.

Tips for choosing

Here are some tips for choosing a good domain name:

- Make it short and easy to remember. Avoid long or complex words that are hard to spell. 

- Use keywords that are relevant to your business. This helps with SEO and makes your domain easy to find.

- Get a .com extension if possible. .com is the most recognizable extension. 

- Avoid numbers and hyphens if you can. They can make it harder to remember the name.

- Check for availability by searching online to see if your desired domain is taken. 

- Consider alternate spellings or variations. Adding an extra letter or using a different extension like .net can give more options.

- Brainstorm prefixes and suffixes to find creative combinations. Using a relevant word plus "ly", "ify", "hub", etc. 

- Make sure the name stands out and is unique. Avoid generic names that could apply to any business. 

- Say it out loud to see how it sounds and flows. This helps catch any tongue twisters.

- Check that the name doesn't have unwanted meanings in other languages if operating internationally.

- Consider acquiring multiple extensions like .com, .net, .org to expand brand control.

The ideal domain conveys what you do and is memorable, easy to say and spell, and gives you room to grow in the future. Take your time to find the perfect available name for your business.

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